Data center large, powerful servers, cooling systems always "in" and desktops running 24 hours on 24, weigh heavily on the business in terms of energy and cost.

Are IT managers able to value if the cooling system is adapted to the real needs of the data center?

Many existing facilities are not designed for the power density that is currently installed or planned. The addition of a cooling system in the data center or network equipment existing can be  very difficult and expensive. The loads are changed frequently and it is difficult to determine if the cooling system cools sufficiently or wasting energy where needed.

A cooling system necessary to guarantee that a new cherge is monitored and that cooling is not lost where necessary.
IT managers, moreover, are not able to predict if the cooling system in each can support future charge, even if the charge characteristics are already known.

Sentinet³, through sophisticated sensors of temperature and humidity, measures the actual function and provides information to help you to establish a diagnosis at the level of the component affected by the failure or the area inside the data center or the single rack when cooling operation is not is sufficient.


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