Sentinet³ per monitorare Oracle

Thanks to the innovative patterns developed in Sentinet3, it is possible to monitor at the same time hundreds of parameters for more complex servers with a simple click.

In this article we will show you what you can do on Oracle machine.

Oracle is one of the most well known and most used database management systems, it is a RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System), a database system based on the relational model, established as the standard of databases of the last decade.

Oracle DB is used by most business applications, and therefore it is necessary to know how to manage it properly. The "management" of a database foresees, at the base, a detailed check on system performance. In support of Oracle DBA, which performs the task of managing the database, Sentinet3 provides the “Sentinet3 Oracle Pattern”, a complete package of checks that analyzes system utilization, availability, and the "health" of the same.

Sentiniet3 continuously monitors the Oracle server through the use of this pattern and informs you to potential problems before they hit your system. It's like having a "Virtual DBA" by your side to recommend best practices to eliminate security vulnerabilities, improve replication, optimize performance, and much more.
“Sentinet3 Oracle Pattern” checks are:

Server (

  • Reachability of the machine
  • CPU utilization percentage
  • Mem usage
  • Disk space

Database performace

  • Backup File check if the backup is running or not
  • Buffer Pool Block Size Buffer Pool Block size
  • Cpu Parsing Cpu parsing usage
  • Cpu Recursive Cpu recursive usage
  • Bg Elapsed Time time running in background
  • Free Shared Pool free shared pool
  • Free Sga free memory area in the global System
  • Ts Size free space in TS
  • Ts Status TS status
  • UsersList DB userlist
  • User State User DB connected
  • DB Size DB size
  • Shutdown Pending State check shutdown pending state
  • Long Query long query active/not active
  • Last Analyzed check last analysis on DB
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