Thanks to the innovative patterns developed in Sentinet3, it is possible to monitor at the same time hundreds of parameters for more complex hardware devices with a simple click.
In this article we will show you what you can do on a device dedicated to environmental monitoring.

Events such as temperature increase in a data center, for cooling systems malfunctions, is one of the most common reasons that cause the complete collapse of the entire IT infrastructure.
In this regard, Sentinet3 relies on the support of ProbeBox, an equipment with specific sensors through which it conducts the measurements of the following environmental parameters:

  • Flooding
  • Smoking
  • Temperature
  • Electricity

In response to present events such as power failure or temperature increasing over the threshold level, by checking the UPS, Sentinet3 thanks to thermal sensors can perform the correct procedure for the sequential shutdown of the entire data center or for a selected group of servers.
In fact, the sudden shutdown of an entire data center, or the not shutting down in sequence of service or server, could result in inconsistencies that would lead to the inability to resume normal activities in a short time.

To do this Sentinet3 uses a specific Pattern for Probebox equipment, the “Sentinet3 ProbeBox Pattern” that interrogates the device, which is connected to environmental sensors, SNMP, and draws the values of interest:

  • Flooding checks to see if there is water in the environment where the sensor is placed
  • Temperature checks the environmental temperature
  • Smooking check for the presence of smoke in the environment
  • Electricity checks the passage of electric current
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