Apache is one of the most widespread web server platforms capable of operating on a wide variety of operating systems, including UNIX / Linux, Microsoft and Open VMS .

The Apache manual monitoring to identify potential performance issues and availability may be time-consuming and ineffective. Most monitoring systems on the market use interrogation of an http page, accessible from a browser, to examine the information on the Apache status. The web-based access to this information, however, may be a security threat .

Sentinet3 responds by proposing a kind of safe and extremely efficient monitoring, meant to maintain a proactive control of Apache web server, through the use of a specific package of controls, the "Apache Sentinet3 Pattern".

“Sentinet3 Apache Pattern” uses the SSH protocol for secure connection and it is equipped with specific check to obtain information about the Apache server status.

Traffic check is a good starting point for web server troubleshooting.
With Apache Pattern you will be able to get information about the traffic, the number of requests per second, the Bytes exchanged per second and bytes exchanged per request.
These are necessary pieces of Information to make statistics and to prevent eventual DoS attacks .
In fact, comparing these values with the historical data abnormalities can be revealed, such as unusual high or low traffic during the processing.
Sentinet3 is able, according to the request, to provide information on possible connections from specific IP and to identify the number of accesses, a valuable data for security purposes that Sentinet3 obtains directly from the access.log of the server Apache.
It is well known that the latest versions in commerce of Apache regulate automatically the number of workers (the name given to the threads) and maintain a pool of inactive workers in order to have some ready to process traffic at any time. Sentinet3 allows you to check the number of employed and inactive workers.
Monitoring the number of employed and inactive workers is a proactive way to identify problems of Apache configuration .
Moreover Sentinet3 is able to provide information about the CPU usage by the Apache process and send notifications in case of values exceeding the thresholds set by the user.

With “Sentinet3 IIS Pattern” you can monitor


  • Reachability of the machine
  • Accessibility port 80 (http request)
  • Accessibility port 443 (https request)
  • /tmp /tmp disk usage
  • Mem mem usage
  • Swap swap usage
  • Cpu cpu usage
  • Disk disk space usage
  • Interface interfaces status UP or DOWN
  • Process_running process status
  • Process_mem mem usage of a specific process
  • Process_Num number of the execution process

"Sentinet3 Apache Pattern" has a sophisticated network interfaces control and, with a single query to the server, it is able to return the following information for each interface:

  • Interface status up or down
  • IP address ip interface address
  • MAC mac interface address
  • Speed speed control (Mbit)
  • Packet Error number of packet error
  • Traffico traffic IN and OUT

Web server specific parameters

  • Total_Access total apache access
  • CPU Load cpu usage
  • Uptime apache uptime
  • Request_per_minute request per minute
  • Bytes_per_second byte per second
  • Bytes_per _request byte per request
  • Busy_workers number of busy workers
  • Idle_workers number of idle workers


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