Thanks to the innovative patterns developed in Sentinet3, hundreds of parameters for more complex servers can be monitored with a simple click at the same time.
In this article we will show you what you can do on Windows Active Directory.

Active Directory is a central component of Microsoft distribution.
The service provides the means to manage the resources of a network, like user accounts, computer accounts, shared folders, printers, etc.

Active Directory uses various protocols such as LDAP, used as a data base. LDAP stores all the information of a network domain, in relation with service authentications and access, with the advantage of keeping all this information synchronized among the different network access authentication servers; LDAP is therefore one of the metric keys to keep under control in Active Directory.

The Active Directory networks can vary from a single installation with a few hundred objects, to large installations with millions of objects, so a proper and thorough resource monitoring could be laborious and time-consuming. Sentinet3 proposes, in this respect, an assistance to IT administrators of Windows Active Directory, the Patterns.

Patterns are the new Sentinet3 technology adopted to monitor the most varied types of servers in use, their performances and their services. One of the available Patterns is the "Sentinet3 Active Directory Pattern" , which will monitor Windows Active Directory using specific checks.

Some of the checks that the Pattern does on the machines are:


  • Reachability of the machine
  • DS Threads in Use number of used threads
  • DS Directory Writes number of directory writers
  • DS Directory Reads number of directory reads
  • DS Directory Searches number of directory searches
  • DS Client Binds number of client binds
  • DS Server Binds number of server binds


  • kccevent tool active or not
  • services tool active or not
  • advertising tool active or not
  • replications tool active or not
  • ridmanager tool active or not
  • fsmocheck tool active or not


  • W32Time service active or not
  • Dnscache service active or not
  • IsmServ service active or not
  • Kdc service active or not
  • SamSs service active or not
  • Lanmanserver service active or not
  • Lanmanworkstation service active or not
  • RpcSs service active or not
  • Netlogon service active or not


  • Availability
  • Kerberos Authentications number of Kerberos authentications
  • NTLM Authentications NTLM authentications number


  • Availability
  • LDAP Client Sessions number of LDAP client sessions
  • LDAP Active Threads number of LDAP active threads
  • LDAP Writes number of LDAP writers
  • LDAP Searches number of LDAP searches
  • LDAP Successful Binds number of LDAP successful binds
  • LDAP New Connections number of LDAP new connections
  • LDAP New SSL Connections number of new SSL connection
  • LDAP Closed Connections number of LDAP closed connections
  • LDAP UDP operations number of UDP operations
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