The Log Analizer's search and analysis engine has the following features:

  • log-analysis-01

    Real time data display: With Log Analizer you don't have to wait before you see and analyze your data. All data is immediately available for search and analysis.

  • Advanced data analysis: a powerful analysis engine allows you to search, discover and interactively analyze your logs.

  • High availability: the whole system is designed to be configured in high availability and don't miss anything.

  • Full text tesearch: the Log Analizer's indexing engine provides the ability to perform full text searches on all stored logs.

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    Document oriented indexing: storing complex data such as structured Json documents. All the fields are indexed by default and all indexes can be used in a single query to return complex results.

  • Free pattern: Log Analizer, allows you to start quickly. Indexes immediately Json documents and Log Analizer automatically identifies data structures and types, creates indexes and makes searchable logs.

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