Are you spending most of your time solving problems rather than implementing new and more innovative services in your infrastructure? You're not alone. Most of IT teams are in the same situation. There must be a better way in managing an IT infrastructure! With a specific automation process, you can eliminate the manual work, minimize the risk of human error and enable a fast and reliable implementation of new platforms.

Instead of using manual procedures that may generate a large number of errors with the Sentinet3 Configuration Management  module, you can define upstream the infrastructure and application status. The Sentinet3 CM automatically applies the defined status, so you can spend more time in the production process rather than solving problems.

Thanks to the Sentinet3 CM module, you can prevent your team from using outdated configurations, scripts, custom and tool.

The Organizations which are looking for a faster deploy method, treating their infrastructure as a code and this is exactly what you can do thanks to Sentinet3 CM.

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